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What we do


Our company operates in the field of interior lighting for the furnishing sector. Our product range includes lighting installations for bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, wardrobes, walk-in closets, shop windows, etc...
All our products are totally designed and produced in-company. They are "MADE IN ITALY", bear the CE mark and are covered by other certification.

At our headquarters, we also have laboratories where we put all our products through the technical tests required by law.

Our catalogue product range includes an extensive choice of lighting solutions (projecting, built-in, wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted, pendant lamps, etc...), finishes (chrome, metallic grey, white, black and other colours on request) and types of light source. In addition to traditional halogen and contemporary fluorescent light sources (high-frequency and reduced dimensions), LED technology is used, which is the best choice for a considerable reduction in energy consumption, for increased luminous flux, although reduced in size, and, above all, for long-lasting durability.